Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dating part 2

so i met a guy in tahoe and he seemed nice and normal. so i gave him my number when he asked. less than 10 hours later i received 2 text messages, 1 phone call, and 1 voice mail (all before 10am...i was sleeping!). he was wondering why i wasnt responding. so i finally responded later that afternoon that i lost my voice and cant talk. so he texts me and calls me again. i dont respond. then he calls and texts again and leaves a message this time. i dont even listen to the message but i read the text. i quote "hahahhah. did i really not get a returned call? where is that beautifully fun woman i met in tahoe? where did she go? what did you do to her? :)" WHY DO I ATTRACT CRAZY PEOPLE???? side note - lindsey's bachelorette party in tahoe was super fun and i am so glad everyone had a good time :)

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